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Jun 23, 2019

The Real Game of Thrones

Passage: Revelation 6

Speaker: Pastor Scott Stephan

Series: Revelations

The Real Game of Thrones
“Nothing happens in this world without God’s orderly arrangement.”  Belgic #13

 The structure of Revelation is not linear. 
The Final Judgment is viewed
multiple times from multiple angles:
7 seals; 7 trumpets; 7 bowls.


 The First 4 Seals

White horse:  Conquest (given a crown)  *Satan Masquerading?*
Red horse:  Violence (Given power to take peace)
Black horse:  Poverty & Famine
Pale horse:  Death (given power to kill)
“God’s work is ordained and accomplished very well and justly even when devils and the wicked act unjustly.   Belgic #13
The 5th Seal
“How Long?”    “Just a little while Longer...”
The 6th Seal
The Final Judgment—history has a destination