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Sep 23, 2018

Better Together

Passage: Deuteronomy 1:9-18

Speaker: Pastor Scott Stephan

Series: Lessons from the Desert

Lessons From The Desert
Deuteronomy 1:9-18
“Go fast—Go alone.
Go far—Go together.”
“You are too heavy a burden for me to carry alone...”
  1. What keeps you from asking for help?
How can I bear your problems all by myself? Choose some wise, understanding, and respected men from your tribes and I will set them over you.
  1. Systems and structures must adapt to meet changing circumstances.
  2. What attributes are required of leaders?  
Problems, burdens, disputes
  1. Every group (church) has them
  2. How do you respond when you don’t get your way?
Core value
  1. Justice for all (No favoritism, no fear of man)
“I appointed them to have authority over you (vs. 15)”
  1. What does it mean (and not mean) to submit to our leaders?