What to Expect

What Does a Worship Service at Second Look Like?

In a word, blended. We are a blend of young and old, of men and women, and of dresses and jeans. We are a church family made up of people who have been coming here for years and those who are just checking us out for the first time. Even our worship is a blend of contemporary praise music mixed with traditional favorites!

All of us, however, are broken. All of us are still learning. All of us are sinners,
and all of us are offered forgiveness. 

Come as you are. You are welcome here.

In Case You Want More Details...

How should I dress?  However you feel most comfortable...maybe not pajamas, but otherwise you're good! 

Will I get singled out as a guest?  No. We know coming to an unfamiliar church can be daunting and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We do typically have greeters at the doors that will welcome you and will offer to show you around or answer any questions you may have. We are also a pretty friendly bunch and we like to visit before and after the service, so you will likely have someone say 'hi' and introduce themselves then as well. If you are interested in being contacted further, you are invited to drop your contact info in the offering plate.

Where should I park and what door should I use?  You may park in front along 14th Avenue, in the spaces on 8th Street on the east side of the lawn or in our lot behind the church. You may enter through the front of the church or through the entrance on the northeast corner (where you see the ramp leading from the parking lot). 

Where do I go when I get inside?  Regardless of which entrance you choose, you'll head upstairs to get to worship. If you enter from the east side near the back parking lot, you will find that you're entering worship from the front. Yep, it feels awkward, but trust us...we're used to it and we won't notice a thing. 

If you need to take children to the nursery, you'll find that downstairs in the northeast corner (directly down the stairs from the back entrance). Restrooms and coat racks are down there too.

Still have questions? You can contact us here.